Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

I was in a glorious mood this morning.

Then, this afternoon...not so much.

But why dwell on the bullshit that makes me cranky? Why write a post whining about all my first world problems? That would only make me feel worse.

Thus: a photo retrospective of things that made this a wonderful Wednesday.

Strange gorgeous skies, streaks of light through dark clouds. A little rain, balmy heat. Hawaii in California. 

A sunny yellow manicure on shrinking fingers. One Claddagh grew too big for my thumb, so it joined the other on my middle finger. All the better to flip off love. Badumdumchh.

Hand-made earrings by yours truly. I feel a little extra awesome rocking jewelry I made myself.

An amazing find at Marshall's freshly hung above my vanity. Thematically apt, no?

And finally, this sweet little face. You'd never guess his role model is the Evil Queen.

And now, I will fall asleep listening to the rain. 

1 comment:

  1. He's a cat. That particular role model wouldn't surprise me in the least.