Monday, April 9, 2012

Things I Love: Springtime Fashion

I'm a big fan of lists. Shopping lists, goal lists, to-do lists, to-fuck lists (except that one's less of a list and more of a piece of paper with MICHAEL FASSBENDER scrawled in lipstick). Lists are precise. Structured, yet flexible. Demanding, yet rewarding. Lists are sexy.

No doubt, many lists will make their way onto this blog. Today's list category: Things I Love!

Spring is sprunging all over the place, and I'm a flirty fashion mood. So here are five of my current sassy springtime obsessions.

1. Sock Buns

Simple genius, damn adorable. SO much better than my standard "pile of hair" method for lazy days (by which I mean, every day). Learn how to do it yourself over at Hello Giggles.

2. Button Earrings

So springy and adorable! I'm having a yellow moment, see the headband above. This pair came from ModCloth, via the easter basket given to me by my mother. Thanks, Mama!

3. High-Low Dresses

The ladies over at GoFugYourself refer to these as "mullet" dresses, and they bugged me for awhile. Then one day a few months ago, my switch was flipped, and all of a sudden I'm obsessed. The one shown above is from ThreadSence.

4. Funky Flats

I'm not much of a heel girl, though I'll wear them when I have to. Of course I love the look of them, but I'm definitely a fan of comfort, so 9/10 times you'll find me in flats. Cute, adorable flats like these Style&Co ones from Macy's. I bought them over the weekend and am obsessssed. Denim. Bow. Studs. Sold!

5. Pastel Jeans

I am allllll over this trend, but I'm afraid it'll be played out by the time I feel comfortable enough to rock it. I tried on a few pairs at Express a few weeks ago and definitely felt like my thighs were not a fan of bright highlighting colors. Maybe soon I can try again, until then I'll merely dream of mint jeans and salmon skinnies... The picture above comes from J.Crew.

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