Saturday, April 28, 2012

Deep Thoughts

It's a sunny 75 degree day in Los Angeles. Pretty much couldn't ask for anything more. And for once, I actually left my apartment on the weekend. Gasp. 90 minutes of delicious stretchy vinyasa flow at Naam Yoga, a tasty grilled tuna, veggie and mashed potato lunch at Tender Greens, then a little shopping at Old Navy, all around 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

I should go into work for a few hours to build some desks and earn a little extra money, but the last thing on Earth I feel like doing is stepping foot inside that God-forsaken dungeon.

The second to last thing I feel like doing is thinking very hard.

So here are today's deep thoughts.

*My landlord left a very official document in my mailbox. They're raising my rent by $3.61 per month. I'm not sure I'm okay with this.

* I love my mother for a lot of reasons, but mostly because she's the kind of person who would buy me a pink pepper spray and put it in my Easter basket. At age 24.

*This is happening right now.

*I couldn't find my car on Arizona Avenue. I think I'm getting old. Or possibly have killed too many brain cells.

*There's a bounce house party across the street. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail.

*On the wall of the Tender Greens they have a bunch of cartoon posters instructing you to do things like "Hang With More Vegetables!", "Be A Random Act Of Kindness!", or "Set Your Ideas Free!". You know, hippie propaganda. This was my favorite:

*I think I have that covered.

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