Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tut Tut, Looks Like Rain

It's a blustery, storm day in Los Angeles. Not as much rain as they promised me, those teasing meteorologists, but this morning was beautiful. The sound of pouring rain when I woke up, then 75 minutes of sweaty, hot hot yoga and burning, burning muscles.

A lovely, me-centric Saturday. I'm not lonely at all.


I'm sure I could find some St. Patty's shenanigans if I really wanted to. But holidays centered around drinking tend to bring out the worst in people. And a sea full of assholes is not something I feel like swimming in.

I'd much rather sit here, cuddled up with my cat, watching "How I Met Your Mother" for the first time on Netflix. No complaints.

Maybe a little cliché .

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