Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flipar en Colores

For weeks I harassed every one of my friends and family with the same question:

What should I name my blog?

The suggestions ranged from the literal "Tips from T" to the ridiculous "Self-Conscious Dancing". I played with lyrics, quotes, names of movies. Something about cats? Something about LA? Something about the size of my ass?

"The Blog of Nonsense"?

Some were too long, some just weren't memorable. I didn't care about it being too descriptive, since this blog will be a mishmash of topics ranging from fashion to music to food to sex, but I didn't want it to be completely out of left field.

A few days before my birthday, I was chatting online with my Facebook wife, who has been living in Spain for the past three years. *cough*luckybitch*cough* We were tossing around ideas, then she mentioned a phrase she had learned that day, "flipar en colores". Basically, "to flip out in color".

I was sold, instantly.

I don't really have a "medium" setting. I swing from extremes, I'm bubbling over with glee or deep in a funk, I'm all or nothing. I obsess, I fixate, I love with the deepest of passions, I cry with full body sobs that make my cat search the apartment for the wildlife making such an inhuman sound.

I freak out in color.

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