Friday, March 23, 2012

May the odds be ever in your favor...

I went to my first midnight premiere last night for "The Hunger Games". Thank the baby Jesus for the ArcLight Dome and their assigned seating, because I could never have handled the insanity of lining up. LA traffic reared its ugly head, but I got there just in time and was settled in my dead center balcony seat at 11:55, right before the director Gary Ross introduced the film.

I do so love living near Hollywood.

As for the close to perfection as I could hope for from an adaptation of such a dense and dramatic book. My only worry before going in was that I wouldn't want to rip Peeta's clothes off his bread-baking body...but I did. So it's all good.

My father just started reading the books, so I'm SURE I'll go again, and no doubt have further thoughts after a second viewing. But ultimately, as a huge HG fan and avid critic of movie adaptations, my expectations were met and surpassed.

Cannot WAIT until Thanksgiving 2013!

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