Friday, March 30, 2012

Bowing to Lady Luck

I've never played the lotto before. Why would I? Sure, I understand the joy some people get out of it, but why pay something for nothing? That's always been my perspective.

Of course, with a $640 million Megasuperawesome jackpot on the line, I think I can cough up the cash for a few shots at rich-person joy.

When I win, I will:

1) Quit my job and spend a year writing in Paris, Stockholm, Dublin, Madrid, Florence...
2) Buy my parents a vacation house in Tahoe.
3) Get a Mini Cooper convertible. A gold one. With a kickass sound system.
4) Donate to No H8, SMA research and animal shelters.
5) Buy my cat a diamond encrusted litter box, or he'll eat my face.
6) Buy a handbag or 17. Marc Jacobs. Maybe a little Prada. Definitely some Chanel.

Come on, Lady Luck. The Universe has not been kind to me the last few years, don't you think I'm owed?

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